Nature Esthetics Through Kinesthetics | Photo project | Yuriy Galin


My name is Yuriy Galin, I am a co-founder of a small IT company and it is my debut art-project.

I spent many weeks in mountains and woods full of multifaceted sensations from touching nature in the literal and figurative sense of this word.

The current photo project consists of more than hundred shots.You will find them in my art book "Nature Esthetics Through Kinesthetics". The book is almost done.

I've touched hundreds of plants, mushrooms, trees, mosses and stones and realized how important kinesthetics is in cognition of nature and its esthetics.

We often forget about this fundamental sensory organ and my project is intended to remind you of this.

About the photo project "Nature Esthetics Through Kinesthetics"

Our hands are a projection of the entire human body and soul. They can both heal and caress, harm and kill. In the same time a hand is a very important sensory organ in cognition of nature and its esthetics.

One of the stories that I thought about during the numerous hikes was the Germanic myth of the one-armed god Tyr and the story of how he got the status of the god of honor.

He sacrifices his right hand to Fenrir, the divine wolf of destruction, who bites it off when he realizes that the gods have tied him.

The touch of the hand to nature personifies the touch of the ruler of nature, god, which man is now.

A hand touching different surfaces symbolizes duality: on the one hand people protect nature and we feel its primordiality and purity. On the other hand, as Tyr did, we "sacrifice our right hand" to stop the destruction that is being carried by ourselves.

Imagine coldness, softness, roughness and other feelings that the hand feels in the photos.



Special thanks to my lovely and amazing wife and to my dear friend and brilliant photographer/artist Vasyl Bauer for awesome travels and inspiration. Vasyl's explanations of modern photography expanded my understanding of fundamental basics of the modern art. His works are perfect examples of unrepeatable creativity not only for me but also for dozens of his students and numerous fans.

Credits: all backstage photos have been taken by Vasyl Bauer (devor_one)