Brilliant InstaJoom 2 is FREE Joomla Instagram module (for Joomla 2.5 and later) that displays YOUR recent images from the Instagram. Current version of Brilliant Instajoom shows ONLY YOUR photos (from your Instagram account). Maximum quantity of images - 20.

If you have any questions about the module you can leave comment and we will try to help you.

You can read more information about "Brilliant Instajoom" and download it now from the module's download page.

To view how does this Joomla module works, just visit our demo page.


Installation of Brilliant Instajoom is very simple!

1. Download package from here



2. Go to Extensions-> Manage and select downloaded package ( Then click "Upload and Install"


3. Go to Instagram Developers page: and click "Register a New Client":



4. Enter information about your application and then click "Register". Example data:

Application Name: My website photos

DescriptionThis app shows my photos from Instagram

Website URL:

Valid redirect URIs (IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO SET CORRECT URIs as we set below! Change "" to your domain name):

CAPTCHA is required.


5. Open Brilliant Instajoom Component in the admin panel of your website:


6. Go back to Instagram Developer page and copy Client ID and Client Secret from your Instagram App into Brilliant Instajoom Component and then click "Login and get my Access Token and User ID"




7. You will be redirected to Instagram Login Page. Please login. Then you will be redirected to the page where you should authorize your App. Click "Authorize":



8. If you have set the correct redirect URIs, Client ID and Client Secret and other data you will see message about your new Access Token. 

9. Go to Brilliant Instajoom Module:





10. Select Brilliant Instajoom module (or create new):


11. Enter your username (you use this username to generate Access Token), select position of the module (IMPORTANT!) and select "Published". Then go to "Menu Assignment":



12. Select "Module Assignment" - "On all pages" or other option (IMPORTANT):

13. Click "Save"

14. Brilliant Instajoom Module is on the page! Yeah!

Notice that current version of the module can show ONLY 20 OF YOUR PHOTOS FROM YOUR INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT (by your username or by hashtag).