Instajoom - Free Instagram Module for Joomla

"Brilliant Instajoom 2" is second version of popular FREE Joomla Instagram module Instajoom (for Joomla 2.5, Joomla 3, Joomla 3.5 and later) that displays your recent images from the Instagram. You can embed this Instagram galery in any module position, all you need - is just to create your App in Instagram Developer console (all instructions you will find inside of thie package). This Joomla Instagram Module is easy to configure, and fully customizable. You have control over images size, hover-effect, and the number of photos to show. Upgrade your joomla-website with Instagram photos! 

We have resolved all bugs that we had on first version of the module. Now we use NEW API from Instagram (that they implemented in June 2016) so now you can share your beautiful Instagram photos without any problems! 

Also we have implement caching and selecting photos by hashtag!

Brilliant InstaJoom 2 was tested with different versions of Firefox, Chrome and IE. Working perfectly with all. We used css3 and html5 to make the design of this module clean and simple. There is adaptive mobile version of the module! 

This extension is free and doesn't have any ads! Download Joomla Instagram module (Joomla 3.0 and later) now for free:



Installation instructions


To view how does this Joomla module for Instagram works, just visit our demo page.

If you have any questions or offers we will glad to see you on the module's support page.


  • Latest photos from your Instagram account.
  • Latest photos by hashtag from your Instagram account.
  • Cache-system.
  • Images size control.
  • Control over number of images to display.
  • Adaptive mobile version.
  • Easy to install, you just need to create your Instagram App in your Instagram account (more info inside the module).
  • Link to all photos of Instagram user (may not be displayed).
  • Joomla 2.5 and later.
  • Maximum photos to show - 20


  • English
  • Russian


 Joomla Instagram module | Brilliant InstajoomJoomla Instagram module | Brilliant Instajoom